CO2 Refrigeration

isentra is committed to building only capable and resilient cooling and heating plant machinery that operates solely on ultra-low GWP refrigerants.

We take ultimate pride in the design and quality of our products, not only their physical build and engineering ergonomics but their continuous ability to operate to maximum effectiveness, efficiency and reliability.

We understand that businesses make a significant investment in refrigeration systems and that these need to stand the test of time and so we only use outstanding quality components - which is why we offer a two year parts warranty on all our products.

All isentra designs are 3D-modelled in exacting detail so that we can build our products with consistency and accuracy. We give complete customer assurance, through bills of materials, conformance documentation and records, for each and every product that leaves our factory.

Internet connectivity is also standard with all isentra products. Constant connectivity allows us to ensure our products are working at optimum efficiency 365 days a year.

Energy Reduction on an HFC Refit
  • CO vasto Industrial

    • Fully packaged transcritical CO2 compressor pack
    • 250kW to 1.2mW
    • Containerised plant housing (20ft & 40ft formats)
    • Duel circuit gas coolers
    • Innovative heat recovery
    • Remote control consumption monitoring
    • Low noise (specialist acoustic lining)

    The new CO2 vasto is an innovative, fully packaged, containerised industrial CO2 refrigeration solution. It is ideally suited for food production, logistics and warehousing - applications include cold stores, blast chillers, glycol chillers and spiral freezers.

  • CO heat CO2 Heat Pump

    • Natural Refrigerant
    • Capacities up to 1.4 mW
    • Water temperatures up to 75℃
    • Air or water source
    • High energy efficiency
    • IoT edge technology
    • Engineered and built in the UK to the highest standards

    isentra CO heat is a high capacity, natural refrigerant CO2 heat pump. CO heat delivers water heating capacities ranging from 20kW through to 1400 kW. CO heat can collect heat energy from a range of sources including Air, Water and waste heat from industrial processes.

  • CO six Industrial

    • Transcritical CO2 Compressor Pack
    • 250 kW through to 1.2 MW
    • Full Superheat Management
    • Multi Temperature Capability
    • Heat Recovery Options
    • Internet Connectivity
    • High Capacity Liquid Receiver

    The CO six is built with six cylinder piston compressors, making it the ideal solution for industrial refrigeration, from -50°C blast freezers through to +12°C air conditioning applications. CO six is manufactured to meet your bespoke requirements and is assembled with premium quality components.

  • CO chill Chiller

    • Transcritical CO2 Water Chiller
    • Plug and Play with CO smart or CO six
    • Flooded Thermosiphon Operation
    • Dynamic PHX Superheat Management
    • isentra drum Oil Management
    • Many Heat Recovery Options

    CO chill is a flooded transcritical CO2 glycol chiller. Carbon Dioxide is a natural, non-toxic, non-flammable high capacity refrigerant. CO chill connects with CO smart or CO six to provide a highly versatile capacity range, across a broad span of glycol delivery temperatures.

  • CO cube Commercial Outdoor

    • Transcritical CO2 Compressor Pack
    • 65 kW through to 220 kW
    • Compact Reach-in Outdoor Housing
    • Multi Temperature Capability
    • Internet Connectivity
    • Two Year Parts Warranty

    CO cube offers capacities up to 220 kW in a compact, well built outdoor reach-in housing. CO cube can be configured in a multi temperature configuration through a wide capacity range, making the CO cube a popular and cost effective choice for Heavy Commercial applications.

  • CO smart Commercial

    • Transcritical CO2 Compressor Pack
    • 40 kW through to 250kW
    • Multi Temperature Capability
    • Internet Connectivity
    • Heat Recovery Options
    • Power Consumption Monitoring
    • Two Year Parts Warranty

    The CO smart is an incredibly versatile model and is well suited to small commercial applications through to industrial projects. As with all isentra products, CO smart is assembled with premium quality materials and components that provide our customers with first class reliability and efficiency.

  • CO pump Flooded Transcritical

    • Flood Transcritical CO2 System
    • CO2 Liquid Temperature Span -50°C through to +2°C
    • 60 Bar MWP Liquid Vessel
    • Run and Standby Liquid Pumps
    • Integrated PLC Control
    • Robust PFC, RHS & SHS Steel Frame Construction

    The CO pump is a flooded transcritical CO2 pumping station for high capacity applications. Drawing on isentra’s expertise in transcritical CO2 and utilising Compressor Packs from the CO smart and CO six range, the CO pump delivers safe and sustainable flooded refrigeration.

  • CO coolers Gas Coolers

    • CO2 Gas Coolers
    • Full Range of Corrosion Protection
    • Low Noise Option
    • EC Fansets - High Efficiency Fan Motors
    • isentra GC opti control - Optimum Fan Speed Control
    • Stainless Steel Headers

    isentra supply an extensive range of Gas Coolers that work hand-in-hand with all our Compressor Packs. CO coolers are assembled with premium quality materials and components, giving our customers first class reliability, efficiency and longevity.