CO2 Transcritical Refrigeration

The new face of refrigeration

Over the last ten years, supermarket chains across Europe have been preparing for the F-Gas legislation and heavily investing in natural refrigerant alternatives. An enormous amount of money and technical development have been channelled into the refrigeration industry to find a suitable alternative. A clear leading technology emerged out of this process: a cooling system operating with Carbon Dioxide as the refrigerant.

Transcritical CO2 is now a mature and mainstream solution and is a technology you can rely upon over and above HFC refrigerants. There are so many good reasons to choose CO2 over HFC refrigerants, with future proofing investments, energy efficiency and sustainability heading the list.

isentra is proud to be a pioneer in the delivery of transcritical CO2 refrigeration technology to industrial and commercial markets.

Why use carbon dioxide
as an refrigerant?

  • F-GAS Regulations Don't Apply

  • Highly Sustainable

  • First Class Refrigerant

  • Freely Available

  • Safe Non Toxic

  • Wide Temperature Range

  • Safe Non Flammable

  • CO2 - A low cost gas

  • Exceptional heat recovery

  • Main Stream Technology

CO2 – the refrigerant of choice for the future…
here’s why

  • CO2 is a natural inert gas

    Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occurring gas. It’s in the air we breathe and our fizzy drinks, and it’s set to replace highly polluting HFC synthetic refrigerants in mainstream cooling systems.

  • CO2 is low cost

    CO2 is widely used in many different industries and in a vast number of applications. Its price has been low and stable for many years and it will remain highly cost-effective refrigerant.

  • CO2 is a mainstream solution

    The food retail industry effectively funded the development of the CO2 cooling technology to mitigate the impact of the F-Gas Regulation, and CO2 cooling systems are now tried and trusted by most UK and European supermarket chains. Now, CO2 is a mature and frequently used, large-scale refrigeration solution.

  • CO2 is safe

    Unlike any other natural refrigerant, Carbon Dioxide is both non toxic and non flammable, making it a very safe refrigerant to operate and handle. CO2 has an 'A1' Saftey rating and is not subject to the many onerous operator obligations that are in force with Ammonia refrigeration systems.

  • CO2 is a fantastic refrigerant

    CO2 has excellent refrigeration properties and can provide cooling down to -50C and up to +15C: an impressive temperature range that can be delivered in high capacity and with great energy efficiency.

  • CO2 is freely available

    CO2 is highly unlikely to be regulated against and is set to remain a mainstream refrigerant which is available for straightforward unrestricted purchase.

  • CO2 is future proof

    CO2 is not subject to any part of the F-Gas Regulation. As a refrigerant that is safe, effective and with low climate impact, it will navigate refrigeration pollution well and will be the refrigerant of choice for the foreseeable future.

  • CO2 has impressive Heat Recovery capabilities

    As we shift towards a more sustainable and efficient world, CO2 transcritical refrigeration cycles have the potential to exploit wasted heat and create significant energy savings.

Interested in CO2 refrigeration solutions for your business?

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