CO pump

CO pump is a flooded direct transcritical CO2 system available from 200 kW right through to 1 mW, making it suitable for flooded CO2 blast freezers, such as spiral and tunnel types, as well as a range of other applications such as direct transcritical CO2 ice rinks and many other high capacity process cooling applications. 

CO pump

This is a bespoke product which can be tailored to meet the demands of our customers’ applications. A flooded transcritical CO2 pumping system, CO pump provides an intensive cooling and freezing capability. The properties of CO2 make it the ultimate choice for low temperature, high capacity applications.

CO2 has an incredibly high ‘specific heat capacity’, which means that it can transport a huge amount of heat – double that of ammonia. isentra cutting edge CO2 cooling technology enables the liquid pumps and distribution pipework to be ultra-efficient and compact, easing energy requirements, installation times and structural demands on buildings.

CO pump uses isentra expertise in flooded transcritical systems to make possible significant improvements in energy efficiency, over normal pumped sub-critical CO2 systems, along with innovative features such as isentra drum oil recovery (iDOR TM) system.

As with all isentra products, CO pump can deliver heat recovery, with hot gas defrost – also available where CO pump supports more than one single application.

All isentra products have internet connectivity as standard and come with a Two Year Parts Warranty (T&Cs apply), CE mark and a declaration of conformity, and are approved by an independent PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) notified body.

  • CO pump Standard Features

    • CO2 Liquid Temperature Span -50°C through to +2°C
    • 60 Bar MWP Liquid Vessel
    • Run and Standby Liquid CO2 Pumps
    • isentra drum Oil System
    • isentra Dynamic PHX Superheat Management
    • Two Year Parts Warranty 
    • Aluminium Cladding To Insulation
    • Integrated PLC Control
    • Internet Connectivity
    • Robust PFC, RHS & SHS Steel Frame Construction
    • Lifting Eyes
    • 3-Layer Cold Vessel Protection: Petrolatum Tape, Plastic Film, Class O Closed Cell Insulation
    • Resilient Powder Coated Paint Finish - C3 Specification
  • CO pump Available Options

    • Full Range of Liquid Vessel Capacities
    • Glycol Thermosiphon Evaporators For Secondary Cooling Loads
    • Bespoke Frame Sizes
    • Remote PRV Stations

CO smart