CO coolers
CO2 Gas Coolers

CO2 Gas Coolers play an incredibly important role in a Transcritical CO2 refrigeration system, their operation can drastically impact the energy efficiency of the entire system. isentra supply an extensive range of CO2 Gas Coolers and De-superheaters that work hand in hand with our range of Transcritical Compressor Packs. CO2 Gas Coolers operate 365 days a year, often in harsh conditions, corrosion prevention is therefore a very important consideration in protecting your investment and minimising life cycle costs. isentra CO coolers form a comprehensive range of corrosion protection levels, we can advise on the best value option dependant on your application and locality.

CO coolers

isentra offer a comprehensive choice of CO2 Gas Coolers and can advise on what’s best to meet your logistical and application needs. We can help you with:

  • – Wide or narrow configuration – to best suit your location
  • – Six noise levels – to meet your local environment and planning conditions
  • – Lift-up fans assemblies – to allow easy cleaning for periodic maintenance
  • – Side net mesh – for quick and simple debris removal
  • – Extended legs – for increased air circulation in confined spaces

And, as the challenge of corrosion increases through the development of CHP (Combined Heat and Power) waste management facilities, intensive farming methods, and the expansion of suburban areas, isentra supports by providing a wide range of corrosion prevention levels.

  • Level 1 – Aluminium vinyl coated fins – cost-effective corrosion prevention for a clean inland environment
  • Level 2 – Aluminium magnesium coated –  for suburban sites
  • Level 3 – Aluminium magnesium coated with Blygold protection – for city centre and coastal locations
  • Level 4 – Copper fins – coastal corrosion prevention 
  • Level 5 – Copper fins with Blygold coating – coastal and polluted locations
  • Level 6 – Aluminium magnesium protection with Heresite P-413 coating – the ultimate corrosion prevention for offshore and high pollution applications

At isentra we have a deep understanding and extensive experience in controlling Gas Cooler Fans, which play a significant role in stable and efficient system operation. Our Gas Cooler control algorithms are extensively researched and tested, contributing to isentra systems exceptional energy efficiencies.

CO coolers are assembled with premium quality materials and components to bring our customers first class reliability, and come with a two-year warranty.

  • CO coolers Standard Features

    • Stainless Steel Headers
    • EC Fansets - High Efficiency Fan Motors
    • isentra GC fan control - Optimum Fan Speed Control
    • Reversing Fans - Minimise Coil Fouling
    • Individual Fan Isolators
    • 2 Year Parts Warranty 
  • CO coolers Available Options

    • Six Levels of Corrosion Resistance
    • Low Noise Options
    • Lift-Up Fan Sets - For Easy Coil Cleaning
    • Stainless Steel Tube
    • Side Netting - Catch and Easily Remove Debris
    • Physical Size Configurations
    • Longer Legs

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