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Heat recovery from refrigeration systems is fast becoming a recognised and highly sustainable heat source. It makes sense. Refrigeration systems are already heat pumps, utilising exactly the same technologies and components. It’s a complete no brainer to capture and use the heat they throw away.

isentra CO2 products are available with advanced heat recovery systems to provide substantial volumes of heat at temperatures up to 70°C and above, with uncompromised efficiency.

The decarbonised heat agenda


With rising energy prices and the increasing demand to fulfil our energy requirements from sustainable sources,  heat recovery from refrigeration is essential and a perfect fit in today’s world.

Demonstrating how heat will be generated from now on,  the UK Independent Committee on Climate Change recently recommended that new homes, built from 2025, should not be connected to the natural gas grid, therefore preventing houses being heated through burning fossil fuel. Heat pumps will therefore become the main source of domestic heat, inevitably heat pumps will also meet the heating demands of commercial and industrial processes.

Heat pumps already produce heat with a much lower carbon footprint than natural gas fired boilers. At isentra, our passion for driving forward cutting edge technology that serves with a low climate impact, has led us to become experts in heat pump and heat recovery technologies.

We help our clients to take full advantage of the high quantity of heat rejected from their refrigeration and to harness this as a sustainable energy source. For large heating demands the isentra zeb system harvests additional heat from the outside air or geothermally, to provide simultaneous total heating and cooling functions.

See below the isentra levels of industrial and commercial heating solutions.




  • CO heat CO2 Heat Pump

    • Natural Refrigerant
    • Capacities up to 1.4 mW
    • Water temperatures up to 75℃
    • Air or water source
    • High energy efficiency
    • IoT edge technology
    • Engineered and built in the UK to the highest standards

    isentra CO heat is a high capacity, natural refrigerant CO2 heat pump. CO heat delivers water heating capacities ranging from 20kW through to 1400 kW. CO heat can collect heat energy from a range of sources including Air, Water and waste heat from industrial processes.

isentra heat solutions

isentra heat solutions are ranged to meet your exact heating requirements. Both our thermodynamic and control knowledge ensure heat is always delivered at optimum efficiency.

  • Level 5 - Industrial CO2 Heat Pumps
  • Level 4 - Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Level 3 – Total heating refrigeration systems
  • Level 2 - Full heat recovery
  • Level 1 - Partial heat recovery

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