CO cube
Outdoor Transcritical CO2

CO cube delivers high efficiency cooling from -50°C through to +12°C, using transcritical compressors that offer durable, high capacity cooling with the flexibility for all commercial applications. The high quality outdoor housing offers a serviceable but highly compact and convenient CO2 refrigeration solution.

CO cube

CO cube is designed to be located externally and is available on a skid along with a CO Cooler. CO cube offers a highly convienient and compact solution and is fully serviceable from the front and sides. An important rain shield makes servicing easier in wet conditions.

CO cube refrigeration capacity can be matched directly to the cooling load with speed controlled lead compressors. In booster configuration, CO cube provides dual temperature capability, both freezing and chilling independently and simultaneously.

CO cube uses our latest intelligent electronic control techniques, which have been developed and refined over many years. This enables isentra CO2 Compressor Packs to ensure an outstandingly smooth operation with excellent reliability, constant temperature performance, and optimum energy efficiency.

Built on an impressively strong, fully-welded steel frame, which is powder-coated to stand the test of time, the main refrigerant vessel is wrapped in wax tape for complete corrosion protection. 

As with all isentra products, internet connectivity and energy monitoring are standard features. isentra systems also come, as standard, with high pressure standstill capability. Our ‘60 bar’ concept works alongside a unique valve shutdown strategy to provide the ultimate in resilience and reliability. A coalescent oil system, fitted with a fully serviceable filtration system, is standard too.

All isentra products come with a Two Year Parts Warranty (T&Cs apply), CE mark and a declaration of conformity, and are approved by an independent PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) notified body.

  • CO cube Standard Features

    • 65 kW through to 220 kW
    • Multi Temperature Capability
    • Compact External Housing
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • -50°C to +12°C Evaporating Temperature Range
    • Comprehensive PHX Superheat Management
    • Inverter Driven Lead Compressors
    • Internet Connectivity
    • Fully Interactive Control, Monitoring & Alarm System
    • Power Consumption Monitoring
    • Precision Gas Cooler & Receiver Pressure Control via Stepper Valve Technology
    • Intelligent Oil Separator Control
    • Individual Compressor Oil Level Management
    • Fully Serviceable Instrument Manifolds
    • Premium Quality Pressure Transducers
    • Premium Quality Pressure Limiters for Control
    • Visual Pressure Gauges
    • Type Approved Pressure Cut-Outs
    • Dual PRV Arrangements
    • Serviceable Oil Reservoir
    • Accessible High Pressure Coalescent Oil Separator
    • 3-Point Oil Filtration: High Pressure Separator Outlet, Oil Res Outlet, Compressor Oil Solenoid
    • High Stage Suction Filter Drier
    • Liquid Line Filter
    • Gas Cooler Return Filter
    • Comprehensive Isolation & Service Access
    • K65 Suction Header/s
    • Steel Discharge Header/s
    • K65 Stub Connections
    • Sturdy PFC, RHS & SHS Steel Frame Construction
    • Resilient Powder Coated Paint Finish - C3 Specification
    • 3-Layer Cold Vessel Protection: Petrolatum Tape, Plastic Film, Class O Closed Cell Insulation
    • Class O Cold Pipework Isolation
    • High Quality Pipework & Component Bracketry
  • CO cube Available Options

    • Heat Recovery Options
    • Total Heating Operation
    • Back-Up Control System
    • Parallel Compression
    • Subsection Suction Filter Drier
    • Liquid Line Filter Drier
    • Control Platform Manufacturer

CO smart