isentra manufactures CO2 Refrigeration and Heat Pump plant machinery for the commercial and industrial sectors. We are a team of highly motivated people who absolutely love what we do with a commitment to bringing you tomorrow’s natural refrigerant solutions today.

The isentra team has been working with CO2 as a refrigerant for well over ten years now. We recognised in 2006 that a massive change in the refrigeration industry was about to happen and committed to specialising in this excellent natural refrigerant technology, to support tomorrow’s customer needs.

Our team ‘cut their CO2 teeth’ working with Blue Chip food retailers, which were the early adopters of this highly efficient and clean cooling technology. Europe’s food retail sector were the key driver of CO2 technology development, which is now a mature solution following a very steep research and development phase that was required to combat the challenges of F-Gas legislation.

We have developed a product range with cutting edge technology that delivers now for the future demands of the reduced emission global agenda. Over the years, we realised that a real step-change would be required to bring the multiple benefits of this now mature and clean technology into the mainstream.

The isentra vision is to deliver these step changes - and more…

We also understand that today’s customer needs more than just refrigeration machinery, they need to know how it's performing and how much energy it’s consuming. We’ve made this possible, bringing refrigeration plant machinery into the 21st century and ‘connecting’ it to the internet for a whole new dimension in refrigeration performance, food safety and reporting.


To provide sustainable, efficient, reliable, capable and internet connected refrigeration.

isentra was created to fill the need for better refrigeration - refrigeration that frees customers from the risk of ever-changing legislation, that is energy efficient, sustainable and – that is future proof.


From the roots of intrigue
by Daniel Clark...

In 2005 I visited a refrigeration trade show in Nuremberg. I was a young engineer who had recently taken the bold step of leaving a good job to start up a refrigeration consultancy - Hamilton-Clark. Fairly fresh out of university, I was confident and thought I was knowledgeable; that was until I came across a small trade stand which was creating a real buzz with people pawing over one machine. It was different and intriguing… the lack of printed information and a language barrier made it all the more puzzling. I don’t think many people knew or understood what they were looking at, but I made it my business to find out.

‘Finding out’ meant a trip to the fantastic Danish Technology Institute (DTI) in Aarhus to learn about an innovative and clean refrigeration technology, called Transcritical CO2. Myself and a small handful of Brits were the first people in the UK to discover what the clever Danes were getting up to. The DTI’s early transcritical adaptations were improvised and raw, but I clearly spotted the potential.

Within three years our key client had adopted transcritical CO2 refrigeration. They are considered as very early adopters of what is now a mature and successful technology. Hamilton-Clark has been at the forefront of applying and further developing CO2 refrigeration technology, so much so that our projects were used as a best practice benchmark at the Consumer Groups Refrigeration Summit in 2013, where I proudly delivered my key note to corporate end users of refrigeration from around the globe alongside the then UK Minister of State for Energy & Climate Change, Greg Barker.

And these are the roots of isentra.