Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Please make yourself familiar with our privacy policy in order to learn how we process your personal data.

1. When we collect your data, we store and protect your data to meet the relevant legal and GDPR legislation.

2. We collect your data when you interact with us. You provide your data when you sign-up for our marketing emails, enquire about our products & services and make a purchase and contract with us. Furthermore, we collect data automatically by using cookies when you visit our website.

3. Your data is saved until the purposes we collected it for have been fulfilled. We may be required to keepsake data on a long-term basis due to legal requirements.

4. We use your data to ensure the best user/customer experience possible and only use your data for the purpose for which it has been collected.

5. We keep your data safe using the appropriate technical and organisational processes and measures.

6. We may share your data when required by law, if you permit us or, to help us give you the service you have requested.

7. We only use your data for ‘marketing purposes’ with your expressed consent.

8. Our privacy policy applies to all our customers.


An explanation, on how we collect and might use your data:

For example:
– When you visit our website, applications or social media channels
– Enquire about and purchase our products and services
– Sign-up to receive marketing emails
– Contact isentra
– Join business events (eg. training, webinars etc…)